Please help

You will be aware of the fact that we are only six weeks away from an election in Zimbabwe that could change the course of history in our country. Six weeks if we cannot persuade those with the power to delay things. Even if we get a delay we only have 4 and a half months at most. While we have held back from participating in elections in Zimbabwe, our friends have withheld resources and we now face a task for which we will require substantial funds. US$30 will fill the tank of a vehicle, a gift of R50 000 will fund the campaign in a single constituency.

To support the democratic process, a group of us who live in the region have set up an account in South Africa to receive funds and these will be transmitted to the coal face in the usual way. What you can expect is that these funds will attract maximum value in terms of Zimbabwe dollars and go directly to support the democratic process and to try and ensure that people in Zimbabwe can vote freely and not have their vote stolen as it was in 2000 and in 2002. This is the only way many of you can help us in the process.

For people who live outside Zimbabwe the account to send your donation to is as follows: -
Acc No 1589406079
Brown Street Branch
Branch Code 158952.
Republic of South Africa

For people who live in Zimbabwe you can send a crossed cheque or money order to ZIMFUND. P O Box 9127, Hillside, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. The cheque or order should be made out to Zimfund.

It will not be possible to acknowledge external donations which will need to be made in good faith, we will try to acknowledge local donations.

On another front we will need 2400 vehicles and drivers for the election day itself. These will be organised to go to specific points on the day before the election and drivers will need a full tank of fuel and food for 48 hours. They will then deploy poll monitors to polling stations on that same day. The monitors to sleep at the polling stations and then to watch the poll the following day and keep detailed records of the days events. In the evening these same people will observe the vote counting and will then give a detailed report to the drivers who will in turn report to their control centers. Thereafter the vehicles will pick up the poll watchers and return them to their homes if required and then go back to their own bases.

We expect there to be up to 12000 polling stations - many in remote areas and will require a number of 4x4 vehicles and drivers. Otherwise pick up trucks are best although in the towns we can use any sort of vehicle. Only by watching the poll at every polling station can we control any underhand activity. We will have international observers but they cannot be expected to be able to undertake an exercise of this magnitude. E mail your offers to us and we will direct you to the local co-ordinators. We will have a co-ordinator in every constituency.

On the ground and on the day we wil need upwards of 60 000 volunteers to man poling stations and to be polling agents. For this you need to be a voter and to live as close to a polling station as possible. But we will also deploy people out of town in some cases. Again - e mail your offers to us and we will come back to you.


PS. If you think this a hoax or a scam e mail us for confirmation of these arrangements.

MDC Disclaimer

I have been contacted by the MDC Legal Department to say that although the Courts have ruled that the Political Parties Foreign Funding Act is unconstitutional, it is still the law of the land and it is therefore illegal for the MDC as such to fund raise outside the country. The message I sent out under the heading "Help" does not mention the MDC but because it went out from my office, it might be assumed that this is so. To avoid any possible confusion, ZIMFUND, both local and in SA is non partisan and is being operated simply to support the democratic process in Zimbabwe. As you know this was a function carried out in two previous elections by civil society NGO's. This will not be possible this time because of yet further legistalation that has banned this activity by NGO's. So we are left with no alternative but private, non partisan effort.

So this appeal is NOT MDC but if you have any queries please call me on my cell phone - 263 91 227 144.

Eddie Cross