The Fight for Democracy in Zimbabwe

Thank you to all those who responded to our call for help for the democratic process in Zimbabwe. We have raised so far about Z$200 million - a small fraction of what is actually needed. Some of these funds have already been employed in the fight for democracy here.

We have appointed a point person in each constituency in the country and these people are now quietly supporting the struggle on the ground for a free and fair election. People have said that if we want our rights and freedoms we have to do it ourselves and that is just what is now happening. We are supporting candidates who need resources, candidates who are working hard in their constituencies and we are also working to prevent and expose any forms of ballot rigging and fraud in the election itself.

We expect between 20 and 100 poling stations in each constituency and must select, train and deploy up to 6 Polling Agents at every Polling Station - no matter how remote. These courageous people - many of them simple peasant farmers from local villages, will watch the poll, report any discrepancies and ensure that people can vote in peace and without intimidation. This is where the bulk of our effort is going.

We need everything - paper, cell phones, maps, fuel, vehicles and drivers, volunteers to man control centers and to run errands. We are printing millions of leaflets and these require distribution and management.

But if you cannot help us physically then just send money. It has come in so far in small and large doses. One person in the States sent several thousand dollars, a widow in New Zealand sent a 100 dollars. Let me tell you - whatever you send we are getting the most bang for your buck that is possible!

Many are saying that this election is already lost - do not believe that, our own research says that Zanu do not have a safe seat in the country. If we can back the democrats on the ground - and they are coming forward in numbers right now, so that they do not feel isolated and alone, then they will have the courage to fight for a better life. Perhaps this way we can overthrow a tyranny without violence or bloodshed.

A reminder - if you want to send us local donations then you can do it by sending a cheque or money order to ZIMFUND at P O Box 9127 Hillside Bulawayo. E-mail me if you want the electronic banking address in Zimbabwe.

If you are outside the country then the Bank details are as follows: -
Brown Street Branch
South Africa
Account Number 1589406079
Branch Code 158952

Zimbabweans living in SA and who hold valid voting rights should plan to come home and vote. Stay and help with the effort in your home constituency. If you want to do this, e-mail us for further information. Any persons wishing to help on the ground in any area of the country should also e mail us or call - 091 227 144.

Eddie Cross
22 February 2005