Sitrep 3

It is now 07.30 hrs and the final results have begun to trickle in - not a real indictor at this stage because most are for urban seats where the MDC was expected to do well.

So far out of 14 seats announced the MDC has won 12, the only loss being Manyame - a new constituency created in the last delimitation exercise and Marondera West. Harare Central was again taken by the MDC with a large majority with Margaret Dongo knocked into third place behind Zanu PF.

MDC took back Zengeza - lost in a bi-election last year and also took Masvingo Central - but by a small majority. Terrible Tendai Biti is back!! With a big majority.

In other contests that might be of interest Jonathan Moyo was ahead this morning by 700 votes - not as a big a majority as I expected and it looks as if Kembo Moghadi took Beitbridge - I was surprised at this and we may have to challenge the result.

This electoral struggle is far from over. It is clear that there have been many attempts to tamper with the results - at one polling station photocopy ballots were admitted to the count. In many places - as we suspected, out polling agents were chased away from the poll when the verification and counting took place. In these instances we will have to challenge the process and redo the verification and counting.

All day yesterday a desperate battle was fought between Munangagwa and Chibundu in Kwe Kwe - all sorts of things going on with the Munangagwa camp determined at any cost to reverse the humiliation he was handed in 2000 by Chibundu.

Eddie Cross
Bulawayo 1st April 2005