Funding the Democratic Struggle

Set out below is the name and access codes for a fund set up by friends in South Africa for the purpose of helping us finance the struggle for democracy in Zimbabwe. As you know the MDC may not raise funds externally for itself but we are not prohibited from asking our friends to help with other aspects of the struggle. Funds deposited into this account are properly controlled by reliable people and their expenditure is audited. Should you wish a receipt or an acknowledgement just ask and it will be provided. In the case of large donors - if you want some sort of report by the auditors on expenditure then please also let us know.

The one way people who are concerned about the situation in Zimbabwe and who want to help us resolve the crisis by removing the problem, is by helping us fund the struggle. The struggle is ours in Zimbabwe but we need finance to make things work in so many ways. There is lots of money for food aid and social needs but the political struggle is very difficult to fund. Governments refuse to fund political parties like the MDC and this intensifies the need for small donations to funds like Zimfund.

Account Name- Zimfund
Account Number - 1589406079
Branch Code 158952
Bank-Nedbank (South Africa)
Swift Code - NEDSZAJJ

If you have any difficulty in making a contribution - let me know and I will get the guys in SA to sort it out.

Eddie Cross