Peaceful confirmation process and primary elections

I will not send you the other Provinces but thought you should see the results of the first round in Harare where some 29 Constituencies either went thought confirmation of a sitting MP or elected a candidate to stand for Parliament. The number of MP's that were not confirmed was a surprise but the selections of new candidates was more or less as expected. The event was peaceful, orderly and disciplined.

Eddie Cross

Peaceful confirmation process and primary elections
Saturday 25 May 2013

The confirmation exercise and primary elections held in Harare by the party of excellence have been a resounding success.

The exercise was held in the context of excellence and best practices. They were held in a peaceful manner throughout the province. The confirmations and elections were so peaceful that some constituencies were done as early as 12 noon.

Those sitting members who were confirmed to represent the party include Hon Fani Munengami-Glen View North, Paul Madzore-Glen View South, Fungayi Jessie Majome- Harare West, Lucia Matibenga- Kuwadzana, Paurina Mpariwa-Mufakose, Gift Chimanikire-Southerton. They were confirmed by two thirds of the electoral college.

Those sitting MPs who will have to go to primaries are Hon Heneri Dzinotyiwei- Budiriro, Elias Jembere-Epworth, Pearson Mungofa -Highfield East, Willias Madzimure- Kambuzuma, Margaret Matienga-Sunningdale, Gift Dzirutwe-Glen Norah, Simon Ruuke Hove-Highfield West. This shows that MDC is a party of excellence which believes in democratic processes taking their course.

The primaries in Dzivarasekwa where the Youth Assembly Chairperson Solomon Madzore was battling it out with Alec Masomera were peaceful and Madzore won. Similarly the primaries for Harare South, Mbare and Mabvuku Tafara were just as peaceful.

The following won the right to represent the party, in Mbare journalist Eric Knight, Mabvuku/Tafara another journalist James Maridadi and lawyer Jacob Mafume for Harare South.

The official statistics of the process will be announced in due course.

Sunday will see the exercise continuing in Chitungwiza and Bulawayo. The programme will be rolled out to other parts of the country on Monday.

YES; Together we can complete the change!!!

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