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By now you may have heard that I am standing for Parliament in the next election under the MDC banner in Bulawayo. On Sunday I was headlined in the local State controlled press which stated that I had been barred from standing because I had been 'declared insolvent' in 1994. Because there is likely to more such 'stuff' over the next few weeks I thought I would send you a brief one page CV that I hope is honest and open.

What actually happened at the nomination Court on Friday was that they declared me as an alien - a non-citizen. As I was born in Bulawayo, grew up here all my life and have never held any other citizenship and traveled most of my life on a Zimbabwe passport, I took the issue to the High Court and won an order from the Judge who told the Nomination Court to treat me as a citizen and to act accordingly. Eventually at 21.30 I was declared a candidate for the Bulawayo South constituency.

My constituency has about 24 000 registered voters and has both high density and low density housing districts in it. I was deeply humbled by how many of the people from the district came to Court on Friday to support me - walking all the way to the Court to arrive early in the morning and not leaving until they were satisfied I was 'theirs'.

It is a huge responsibility and I will try not to let them down.

Eddie Cross
Bulawayo, 17th February 2008

Edward Graham Cross (AKA as Eddie Cross)
Born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe on the 17th April 1940
Educated in Zimbabwe up to Matric Level.
First Class Diploma in Agriculture from Gwebi College in 1962
B.Sc Hons in Economics from London University in 1968
Married to Jeanette with two children, Gary and Susan. We have 5 grandchildren.
Work Experience
Farmed for two years prior to Gwebi and then spent 3 years afterwards resettling Tonga people from the Zambezi basin post the construction of Kariba Dam.
After University worked as an Economist for the Agricultural Marketing Authority from 1969 rising to Chief Economist in 1977.
Appointed Chief Executive of the Dairy Marketing Board in 1979 and then Chief Executive of the Cold Storage Commission in 1983.
Managing Director of the Beira Corridor Group from 1987 to 1989.
Chairman of Cross Holdings Limited since 1990 with 7 subsidiary operating companies. One of these investments in a business joint venture in Nyanga went into liquidation in 1994 and Mr. Cross, as a non executive Director and guarantor, was sequestrated to help meet company debts. These debts were personally settled in full and he was rehabilitated in early 2000. He continues as Chairman of Cross Holdings and 6 subsidiary companies.

Political Activities
Organising Secretary to the Centre Party in 1968/9
A member of the Forum Party from inception to dissolution.
Joined the Movement for Democratic Change in 1999 and has served in various capacities in the National executive since that time. Currently Policy Co-coordinator General of the MDC.

Other Achievements
Most outstanding young Zimbabwean in 1980 (Jaycees award).
Businessman of the Year 1982.
Past Vice President of the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries.
Past Chairman of the Industrial Employers Association.
Past Chairman of the National Bakers Association.

Mr. Cross is a committed Christian and an active member of a local Church congregation. He has been actively involved in Prison work, Youth for Christ and Scripture Union.